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Belinda Carlisle Wants Phoenix Lilith Fair Date Canceled, Costanza Weighs In

Arizona is facing more heat over our crazy new immigration law, SB 1070.

Belinda Carlisle took to Facebook today to say she wants Lilith Fair organizers "to move the phoenix date in protest of the new immigration law in ARIZONA. the gogo's [sic] condemn the law and want the date moved."

So, yeah, heaven might be a place on earth, but if that place is in Arizona, Belinda ain't interested. You might say that while a vacation is all she ever wanted, except if it is in Arizona. You might even say that while the whole world has lost it's head, Arizona will bear the brunt of Belinda's rage.

Meanwhile, Girlie Action Media, a well-known indie PR firm, sent us a track called "Just Another Alien" from an electronic musician who calls herself Costanza. The track is below -- I'd say it's not nearly as good as Marianne's "How Can You Tell."

The subject line of the e-mail, by the way, is "Costanza Gives Finger to Arizona" and the publicist, Ms. Debbie Pressman, writes "Costanza is an incredible artist and producer, and owner of ZeroKilled Music. You will be hearing more from her and some of the amazing artists she's producing very, very soon. In the meantime, we share her sentiment regarding Arizona, and wanted very much to share this with you."

Unless you're a music journalist you probably don't know who all is represented by Girlie Action, but you can view a list on their site. Personally, I could give a fuck if the Go Go's or Costanza perform here, but I might like to see, say, Scanners Santigold or Mogwai. Those acts might not go to the trouble of actually boycotting us -- they might just decide to not book shows here to avoid the controversy, with the full support of powerful people like Pressman.

It's not the fury of the outraged protesters that should scare Arizona music lovers, it's the stony silence of the millions upon millions of progressive Americans who silently support the cause, and will make all of us pay for what our politicians have done.

We're fucked. And Costanza's shitty song isn't why.

Costanza - Just another alien by ZerOKilled Music