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I Hate You When You're Pregnant Returns to Phoenix on January 23

It undoubtedly would also be my choice for one of the more outrageous acts to ever come out of the local music scene (with the exception of the wafer-slinging punks of NunZilla). 

As I described in my 2005 music feature on IHYWYP, the one-man synth-rock freakazoid act features Flagstaff musician Phil Buckman prancing around in children's underwear and other weird-ass costumes to tracks he created on a drum machine. 

Despite the fact Buckman built up a bit of infamy and a rabid following locally (and even got some ink in the national music press), he put IHYWYP on the shelf back in 2006.

The hiatus is apparently over, however.

Buckman has been performing a handful of gigs in both Flagstaff and Tucson during the last year and will be making his long-awaited return to Phoenix on Saturday, January 23, with a performance at the Trunk Space (a venue that's built its reputation on musical misfits like IHYWYP).

The opening acts include Blackbird Raum, Treasure Mammal, Feel Free, Monster Pussy, The Lifers, and Kids Day.

Here's a glimpse at what a typical IHYWYP show was like back in the day, shot on location at the old Paper Heart in 2005: