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You Asked For It: Green Lady Killers

Band: The Green Lady Killers, an all-girl garage rock trio from Phoenix.

Record: Just Fine LP.

Basics: There are a bazillion garage rock grrl bands to compare these ladies to, any of which would undoubtedly raise hackles from someone citing some small difference between The GLKs and the other band. Let's just say they're a darker and less go-go-y Love Me Nots, or a a more stripped down Girl in a Coma.

Best Song: "Linger On," which seems to more-or-less stand in for the title track with it's phenomenal bassline and "And I linger on; I'll be, just fine" refrain is a true standout. "Dance Floor" is also a fun, bouncy track.

Worst Song: "Wait For You" -- I waited and waited and waited to not be bored by this song. I was ultimately stood up.

Suggested Changes
: Could we get a fourth hot chick in the band? No such thing as too much of a good thing, right? In all seriousness, this is simple music done very well and paired with great style. The Green Lady Killers continue to build a nice little career.

: B+

By the way, you may have noticed I fell off the wagon with You Asked For It lately -- we're trying this new format as a way of resurrecting the popular (with bands, not readers) feature while obviating the need to write a full, serious review for what are often truly terrible records. As always, we'll give your record at least one complete spin, but we're not going to write tortuous reviews of every VW Trainwreck CD we get anymore.

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