Boys and Frogs Debut "Lay Your Wet Hair Down" Video

Any news of an upcoming Boys and Frogs music video is good. This Peoria indie pop group has an outstanding track record of starring in beautifully produced music videos.

Boys and Frogs has once again struck gold with the carnival-themed video for its latest single, "Lay Your Wet Hair Down," which officially premieres on Thursday, February 16 at Madcap Theaters during a free geek-themed Third Thursday concert.

"Lay Your Wet Hair Down" is available as a free mp3 download on the band's Soundcloud page.

Boys and Frogs was kind enough to give us an advanced peek at the video. Check out colorful ferris wheels, waltzes on a bumper car track, and a fire breathing girl with a Skrillex haircut after the jump.

"We shot primarily at the Arizona State Fair. I've been obsessed with the fair since I was a little kid. We got the opportunity to work with Trevvor Riley and we drew inspiration from Todd Browning's "Freaks", Federico Fellini's "8 1/2" and "La Strada". We wanted to show this surface world and also this other side that nobody sees. The other side of people. The other side of ideas. There's rides and games and candy. And there's fire and drugs and creatures. And all of this set to a pop song," says vocalist Michael Alexander.

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