Club Candids

Club Candids at Loco Patron

Things were most definitely loco inside Loco Patron in Scottsdale this past Sunday evening. The Mexican-themed Old Town drinkery was filled with an upbeat and goofy aura as energetic and inebriated patrons populated the place, each with their own reasons for partying it up on a school night.

College kids were getting one last gasp of Spring Break revelry before resuming classes the following morning. A young couple was celebrating their recent engagement with a few rounds of beer. And a pair of bros decked out in University of Kansas gear were getting smashed in honor of the Jayhawks making the Final Four.

Then there was the pack of goofy party animals that took over the Internet jukebox inside the bar. Clad in bright-colored t-shirts, they transformed the place into their own personal dance club by playing nothing but Avicii and hit tracks from other EDM tastemakers while pulling off some weirdly spastic dance moves and exchanging high fives.

It certainly livened up an otherwise ordinary Sunday night in Scottsdale. Click here to see all the snapshots that the Club Candids cameras snagged during the evening.

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