Club Candids

Club Candids: Elevated Music Festival at Madison Event Center

There were all sorts of 4/20 shenanigans going on in Phoenix last weekend. An event didn't necessarily need to be marijuana-themed to be fun, but no one was complaining much if it was.

It was merely a coincidence that The Elevated Music Festival fell on 4/20, but that didn't stop guests from wearing pot-themed shirts and Rasta colors. Well, those who bothered to get dressed at all. We're talking about a rave, so it really was no surprise that a bunch of pretty gals showed up in their skivvies.

We were into it; it was a beautiful night, complete with nonstop music on two stages. Headliners included Kyau & Albert, Caffeine, HavocNdeed, and Nerd Rage, giving ravers plenty of opportunities to create light shows with their LED rave lights.

Madison Event Center drew quite the colorful crowd on Friday, April 20. Check it out in this week's Club Candids slideshow.