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Yucca Tap Room's Halloween Party Features All-Star Punk Lineup

We know there's tons of Halloween parties happening this weekend, with a little something for everyone going down. If you're spending the whole weekend at home noshing on Halloween candy and watching zombie movies, you're doing it wrong.

But for fans seeking punk thrills, the Yucca Tap Room is the place to be on Saturday, October 27. Sure, it's a line up full of cover bands, but how often can you say you saw The Clash, The Ramones, and The Misfits all in the same night, unless you have a time machine to take you to CBGB's in the late '70s?

This Halloween show doubles as a CD release party for everyone's favorite party rockers-- Broloaf. If you've never been to a Broloaf show, you can fully expect to walk out with ringing ears and clothes drenched with beer and confetti. The beer isn't just sprayed on the crowd -- audience members are frequently encouraged to chug and join in on the fun.

Since it's a Halloween party, Broloaf will be in costume, assuming the role of Fear. I can only imagine (and hope) that something along the lines of Fear's Saturday Night Live incident will happen, as Broloaf shows tend to get a little nuts.

The rest of the lineup will do covers from a mix of active and broken up bands. What's left of The Misfits may be playing an actual show in a couple of weeks, but PV Casualties do the band more justice than its current incarnation with Jerry Only and his goons.

Here is the full line up of who's doing what: Broloaf as Fear Rotten Youth as G.B.H. All City Boot Boys as The Adicts Storm the Beach as The Dwarves PV Casualties as The Misfits The Dark Hearts as Dead Boys Domino as The Clash To Our Grave as Black Sabbath

The Facebook event page also lists a costume contest and "a Ramones cover set" with no band attached. I'm curious to see how Rotten Youth handles "City Baby Attacked by Rats," how The Dark Hearts will tackle "All This and More" and if Domino dares to venture into The Clash's reggae territory.

But really, how often do you have an opportunity to hear this song live? If by some odd twist of fate Dead Boys went on a reunion tour and Stiv Bators was still alive, do you think the show would be half as crazy and energetic today as it was in the '70s? Yeah, doubtful.

At any rate, it's a free show, the booze is cheap (or free if you get close enough to Broloaf), and the venue is bound to be full of entertaining folks, so it should make for a fun Saturday night.

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