3 Doors Down: I Don't Think We Ever Realized We Were Evolving

Talking to 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson you get the sense that he lives by the Keep It Simple, Stupid code of music life. When you are in a rock and roll band, you need to just enjoy the ride and not overthink things or worry about how long you're going to last. Figuring out why your band is so successful is pointless because it simply is; for Henderson and the rest of the band it's about just letting it all hang out.

What's hanging out right now is--well, it isn't plugged in. That's right, the guys behind rock tracks like "Kryptonite," "When I'm Gone" and "It's Not My Time" are taking it down a notch in an effort to make the 3 Doors Down concert experience more personal. We talked to Henderson about all that and more ahead of their show Thursday at the Celebrity Theatre.