Six Used and Re-Used Band Names, Inspired by The Sounds

In the world of rock n' roll, there's plenty of room for creativity. There's also a huge emphasis on respecting the "classics," which in turn leads to confusion. Plenty of different, unique bands take on the same names, leading to perplexing Google searches and sometimes, exposure to the wrong band. Here's a list of names even we get confused.

The Sound/The Sounds 

Slap an "S" on that bitch and you've got yourself a whole new band. The Sound, an early '80s post-punk band, is not to be confused with the modern Sounds, the Swedish indie rock band coming to Tempe's Marquee Theatre on Sunday, November 13. 

Nirvana and Skid Row

Cobain and Co. had it rough. First, they decided to name their band Skid Row. It turns out, a band with a much different sound with the same name appeared just one year earlier. Maybe you've heard of them.

To avoid confusion, they named their band Nirvana. But, of course, that was taken by a 1960s UK-based prog rock group, which they soon found out after the release of Nevermind. Nirvana Nirvana paid UK Nirvana $100,000. UK Nirvana still got keep the name. 

The Weekend/The Weeknd/The Weekend/Weekend

A grand total of four acts have used the same name, but you have to respect singer Abel Tesfaye for at least managing to take a letter out. It has been used in Canada, Wales and most recently, for a San Francisco-based lo-fi shoegaze band. 

MEN/The Men

Pop rockers The Men only scored one real hit with "Church of Logic, Sin, and Love." Make way for androgynous hipsters MEN. 

DeVotchKa/The Devotchkas 

"Devotchka" in Russian means "girl." Still, it's curious that two starkly different bands wound up with the same, rather unusual name. Spot the differences:

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