2010 Strong Beer Festival: 10 Clues You Were There

Were you at the 2010 Strong Beer Festival in downtown Phoenix Saturday?

Seriously, this is not a rhetorical question. If you were at the annual fest -- relocated from Mesa to CenPho's Margaret T. Hance park this year -- you might not remember it. At all.

This is a festival where the weakest beer poured checks in at 8% alcohol (Budweiser is 5%, by comparison) and many booths had samples of exotic brews pushing 12% alcohol. So, yeah, you may well have had a great time at the festival, but perhaps you didn't make many memories there. If you had a really, really good time perhaps you don't have any recollection of how you spent Saturday afternoon. Or maybe you've hallucinated up an afternoon of cleaning the garage. There's really no way to know.

Were you there? Here are 10 clues you spent some time at the festival between roughly 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday.

1. Do you remember angrily yelling and pointing at some dude in a "Dogfish Head Brewing" shirt? (You may remember it as FishDog or Godfish.) The vaunted Delaware brewer didn't bring out a barrel of its famous 120 Minute IPA (18% alcohol) which led to a lot of angry beer snobs berating the poor soul pouring at the the company's booth.

2. Do you have a vague memory of skanking to a local ska band's cover of the 'Knock On Wood' song. The 2 Tone Lizard Kings performed at the festival, hitting their zenith with the cover of Mighty Mighty Bosstones classic single. The very spread-out park grounds didn't create much of an atmosphere for dancing but that song managed to get a few drunks out in the grass.

3. Does your mouth still taste like one of those Trader Joe's chocolate-covered espresso beans from the amazing Achocolypse beer Prescott Brewing brought down from the high country. If you had one of these you probably had several.

4. Do you have someone else's Sierra Nevada posters? Yes, those are mine. I'm sorry I playfully hit your car with them as you were getting into it but I really wish you hadn't stolen them from me; I carried them around all day.

5. Do you remember waiting in the world's longest food line? One catering trunk + high octane beer = at least 200 people standing around for a $5 burger.

6. Are your pockets filled with Chapstick from New Belgium brewery? If so, is it really beer flavored? I know I looked but I cannot remember now. If you were at this booth you may also vaguely remember trying the stellar new Ranger IPA from the Colorado company that brought you Fat Tire.

7. Did you meet a dude named Greg? He introduced himself to us when he overheard us saying we knew pretty much everyone at the fest. Phoenix beer snobs are a tight-knit bunch.

8. Did you get the words "MESA 4 LIFE" tattooed on yourself anywhere? Because, seriously, while this park was nice, anyone who'd been to previous festivals likely misses the comparatively bucolic setting of Mesa Ampitheatre.

9. Have you had a series of Led Zeppelin songs stuck in your head all day? That's probably from the opening band, who regaled a very un-picky crowd with a mix of classic rock tunes. After that, the 2 Tone Lizard Kings seemed like the Beatles at Shea Stadium.
10. Does your picture appear anywhere in our slideshow from the event? If so, you were almost assuredly there.