10 Things Under $10: Inglorious Bastards, Deadheads, Sugar Thieves, and Punks Aplenty

Discount-priced distractions are in abundance this weekend, ranging from Faux Punks and real punks to fashionistas and freaks. Looking for some inexpensive adventure? Here's our weekly list of what's going on.

WestFest at First Christian Church (Friday)
In case you missed Arty Girl's post from yesterday, it's First Friday time, which means that joints throughout downtown Phoenix and CenPho will be teeming with musicians, artists, and other folks getting their creative juices flowing. This funky house of worship is also getting in on the fun, as it's hosting performances by a dozen different local bands running the gamut from navel-gazing emo to gut-busting power rock. The line-up includes the Constelation Branch, Fireside Galaxy, Coats & Villa, pacKrat, Out of Reverie, Lanterns, and many more. 1:30 p.m., $7. (6750 North Seventh Avenue, 602-246-9206)

Cobra Skulls at Chyro Arts
Like the old saying goes, punk rock will never die. Instead, the three-chord genre will be endlessly regenerated by generation after generation of noisy, scowling leather-clad hooligans who blend and mix the influences and attitudes of punk's progenitors to ultimately create their own sound. To wit: This Reno, Nevada trio has taken bits and pieces from Against Me!, Social D., 7 Seconds, Fear, and dozens of their predecessors to concoct a modern-day version of anarchistisc aggro-music that's perfect soundtrack for both slamdancing or reading the latest copy of Maximumrocknroll. The band's all ages gig will also features The Copyrights, Move Forward, Executives, and Japanese Monsters. 7 p.m., $8. (1330 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, 480-258-2329)