10 Things Under $10: The Love Me Nots, Third Friday, Shizz Bands, and More

Need something to do tonight? What about Saturday or Sunday? Here's the latest edition of our weekend sampler encompassing everything a slew of cheap and chic thrills available around the Valley.

1. Third Friday Art Walk (Friday)
It's a well-known fact that tens of thousands of local art lovers usually are in attendance at the monthly First Friday art shindig. While this does much to bolster the city's pride in its vibrant urban core, it oftentimes leads to a lot of standing room only situations at galleries, where patrons often get an eyeful of the backs of people's heads instead of actual artwork. If you're one of those types who'd rather take a gander at actual paintings or photographs, take a trip to either Roosevelt Street or Grand Avenue, where all the major stops will be open for visitors. A number of opening receptions for exhibitions will be taking place, such as William LeGoullon's "Dust" photography series at Modified Arts. 5 p.m., free. (Downtown Phoenix)

2. NU: Native + You at the Heard Museum (Friday)
After you tire of traipsing about galleries and art spaces, head north on Central where an oasis of po-mo cool awaits at the latest edition of the museum's ongoing monthly art and music series. The creative efforts of a variety of Native American artists are featured, ranging from house music pulsating from the speakers of DJ Byron Fienx to the graffiti-like fashion designs of Un3ek Sy5tem. 5:30 p.m., free. (2301 North Central Avenue, 602-252-8848)

3. The Love Me Nots at Yucca Tap Room (Friday)

While the 'Nix's premier garage rock band has been somewhat busy in recent months putting together their third album (with Detroit uber-producer Jim Diamond no less), they'll take time out of their busy recording sked to put on a free show for the fans at the noted Tempe live music hangout. If the quartet's 60s-era sound weren't enough of a time warp for yo' ass, the retro rockers of the Mod Zombies and distortion-laden Mummies tribute act Garage Shock share the bill. 9 p.m. (29 West Southern Avenue, Tempe, 480-967-4777)

4. Jamzona at the Red Owl (Friday)
In these never-ending financially threadbare times, Valley music mavens are understandably looking to get as much bang for their concert-going buck as possible. If you're on of those cash-strapped types, then this Tempe sports bar should be your destination tonight, as a dozen different bands are scheduled to take the stage. The line-up includes Cedar St. Croix, Bye Heart, Tribal Path, Risky Agenda, RAGiD, and seven others. 8 p.m., $7. (2155 East University Drive, Tempe, 480-966-4733).

5. The Shizz Presents at PHiX Gallery (Saturday)
The musically-inclined members of local web board The Shizz had originally planned to stage a boffo rock show/pool party at the Hotel San Carlos, and by all accounts it promised to be quite the memorable blowout (including music from The Worrymen, Fatigo, and Sweetbleeders). The owner of the vintage lodging house had different ideas, however, and reportedly gave them the boot in favor of another celebration. (That cad!) Fortunately, the Shizz crew was able to relocate to Lee Berger's nearby venue where the event will go on as planned. (If you go, be sure to keep your ears open for the skinny on a top-secret after-party.) 8 p.m., $5. (1113 Grand Avenue, 602-252-7449)

6. An Elegant Chaos at the Ruby Room Lounge (Saturday)
Here's a fact about Morrissey you may not be aware of: The mopey '80s English pop legend has a significant following amongst Hispanic crowd. Just look at San Antonio indie group Girl in a Coma or Los Esmiths, a California-based tribute band dedicated to covering The Smiths. If you've never seen the copycat foursome in action before, this coming Sabado will be your last chance evar, as they're calling it quits. And they couldn't have picked a better place for their swan song than during DJ Manchester's monthly Britpop fest at the Ruby Room.

7. The Earps at Hollywood Alley
As our music writer Mike R. Meyer described a few months back, the five rowdy cowpunkers of local outfit The Earps are one of the Valley's more raucous alt-country bands, which oftentimes results in some fairly memorable shows. Check them out for yourself when they visit Mesa's legendary rock club along with like-minded members of William Leadpistol and The Incognitoes. 9 p.m., $5. (2610 West Baseline Road, Mesa, 480-820-7117).

8. Japanese Monsters at Art One Gallery (Saturday)
If you were to tell us about some upcoming gig involving rock and indie bands performing at a local art gallery, logically our first response would probably be to ask "Okay, where on Roosevelt will it be taking place?" Turns out we'd be dead wrong in regards to the Japanese Monsters' all-ages gig this weekend, as its happening deep in the heart of Scottsdale's gallery country, rather then downtown Phoenix. Joining the acoustic balladeers will be Halema`uma`u, Semi Automatic Manuals, Said Gun, and Hug-of-War. 7 p.m., $5. (4120 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, 480-946-5076)

9. Fathers Day at the Sun House (Sunday)
There's probably no better way to commemorate Fathers Day (other than maybe taking papa out for a super-sized steak dinner at Durant's) then by spending it with the infamous downtown Phoenix thrash band of the same name. As always, the creepalicious Business Dad (a.k.a. renowned performance artist Ryan Avery) will be joined by Golf Dad, Drunk Dad, and the rest as they hammer out their whacked anthems of fatherhood like "Did I Use the Word Divorce," "Get a Haircut," and "When I Say Woman I'm Talking to You." Treasure Mammal, Melted Cassettes, and Former Friends of Young Americans will open the show. 8 p.m., free. (615 West McKinley Street)

10. Last Bash at Chandler Cinemas
Our hearts split in two after getting word on Wednesday morning that Chandler Cinemas was closing after this weekend. It meant that not only would this 'berg be losing its only dedicated repertory cinema, but also that quirky cast of local Rocky Horror Picture Show troupe would be homeless (yet again). The silver lining to this dark cloud is that proprietor Matthew Yenkala had time to organize a going away party for the place. In addition to music and comedy from the likes of Page the Village Idiot and the Strange Family Circus, the event will feature screenings of both Rocky (at 5 p.m.) and Repo! The Genetic Opera (at 7 p.m.) -- each will run you $7 apiece, or $12 for both -- as well as unfurlings of infamous schlock films The Room and Lobster Men from Mars. Noon, free. (2140 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler, 480-821-1605)