12th Planet, Megadeth, Motorhead, Alejandra Guzmán, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, and Reckless Kelly Over the Weekend

DanceMission with 12th Planet and More

Not to be too dramatic, but I probably suffered some permanent hearing damage last night while watching 12th Planet. It would take a doctor to confirm (perhaps even Doctor P), but there's been a constant ringing in my ears after getting blasted with the deadly drops, filthy hooks, and the screeching sirens inherent to his gorey electronica and dubstep.

And you know what? It was completely worth it. Being able to witness an artist as skilled as 12th Planet (currently one of only a handful of truly great dubsteppers in the world) perform an epic set both in his prime and at the apex of his popularity is something any EDM fan should do. Read more.

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Gigantour: Megadeth, Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat

I'm no metalhead, but I recognize dedication when I see it. I spent last night at the Gigantour, featuring Megadeth, Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat, packed into Comerica theatre with people from all generations, cloaked in the blackest of black, all with a shared desire to have their eardrums raped by machine-gun drumming and shredding guitars.

As I walked into Comerica Theatre on a seasonal Saturday evening, I took note that the red shirt I had on was way too colorful and made me stick out like Waldo in the crowd of dark shirts. Turns out I had no need to worry: Regardless of my lack of long hair and tattoo sleeves, I was welcomed into the fascinating and fast-paced world of metal. Read more.

Alejandra Guzmán at Comerica Theatre

When we think of rock 'n' roll superstars, Alejandra Guzmán's name doesn't regularly come to mind, but it should.

For the past 20 years, the Mexican rock singer has reigned as Latin America's "Queen of Rock," and on Friday, Guzmán showed a packed Comerica Theatre that at age 44, she's still got it. Read more.

Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks at Crescent Ballroom

Okay, Phoenix. First, the good news: According to no less an authority than Stephen Malkmus, godfather of slacker cool, genuinely tall and good-looking former frontman of Pavement and current leader of The Jicks, Portland now considers Phoenix a rival city. "We've been driving through [Phoenix]," Malkmus said, looking lanky and shaggy with a Fender Stratocaster slung at his waist. "It's like the Phoenix renaissance. Phoenix is rising from the ashes . . . the city is officially livable."

Now, the bad: According to the same indie-rock hero, Phoenix Sun Steve Nash is a big fan of Foster the People. Or something. "Steve Nash is saving his energy for Foster the People," Malkmus joked. There was plenty of that -- playful banter among bassist Joanna Bolme, guitarist/keyboardist Mike Clark, and drummer Jake Morris. Read more.

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Reckless Kelly at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill

Friday night took the record for the most double-fisting I've ever seen. Packing beers, the crowd seemed restless, up on their feet and screaming even before Reckless Kelly took the stage.

As soon as the Austin-based band did take the stage, drinks went straight in the air. Tunes took off, and soon most everyone was adding some dancing into the drinking routine.

Starting things off on an interesting note, drummer Jay Nazz tossed one of his drum sticks to the side and replaced it with a maraca. Nazz continued playing the drums with stick in one hand and a maraca in the other. I started laughing, and the guy standing next to me kept yelling, "What the hell did he just do?" Read more.

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