Steven Lomax Jr. Arrested in Murder of Sister's Husband, Richard Swann, in Phoenix

Phoenix resident Steven Lomax Jr. shot and killed his sister's husband, Richard Swann, on Easter Sunday morning, police say.

At least one of the shots was fired while Lomax was on the phone with a 911 operator.

After his arrest, Lomax told police he was tired of his brother-in-law's alleged physical and verbal abuse of his sister, Debra. The suspect, 33, lived with the couple at 8101 West Trafalgar Avenue.

Cops say Lomax told others in the home to take a walk, then retrieved a handgun, entered Swann's bedroom and shot him multiple times.

Debra Swann called 911 and reported that her brother confessed to her that, "I killed your husband."

At some point, Lomax also got on the phone and "admitted to shooting the victim, and shot the victim a subsequent time while on the phone with 911."

All this before 9 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Police are seeking a charge of first-degree murder.