Hot Links: Arizona's Budget Deficit Soaring; Napolitano Headed for "Easy" Confirmation; Virtual Doctors to Cure Real Ills

Ask not what your state can do for you: Arizona just keep's digging deeper into a financial black hole. Janet Napolitano's headed for an "easy" confirmation, despite the fact that she's been soft on illegal immigration, a problem she'll be charged to take care of as Homeland Security secretary. Doctors will take care of us via computer someday -- no lollipop. Some people love football so much they'd leave their beautiful homes in Philadelphia to come to Glendale for a football game, helping airlines and hotels. Of course, maybe the fact that it's going to be friggin' 34 degrees on Sunday in Philly helps matters. Andrew Thomas' hunt for corruption turns up no corruption -- would he have better luck at the Wells Fargo building? Battle of the band headlines: A Tucson punk band uses a picture of a slain police officer to get attention, while in Glendale, a school band makes headlines because it's going to play at the inauguration. Whoops, sorry about that: A bounty hunter "accidently" shoots a Phoenix man in the chest.