DMX Probation Violation: Compliments of Cocaine and Oxycontin

Since our earlier post about the arrest of DMX -- a.k.a. Earl Simmons -- we obtained some court documents that tell the real story of what the rapper allegedly did to violate his probation.

Initial reports -- ours included -- were that X violated his probation by not checking in with his probation officer. Court docs tell a different tale that includes an ongoing cocaine problem and his refusal to get treatment.

According to the arresting officer, "Mr. Simmons was arrested for probation violation for ongoing use of cocaine, use of Oxycontin without a prescription, failing to submit to drug testing, failing to participate in counseling programs, failing to make payments, and driving on a suspended license."

In other words, our prior assessment that "all DMX reportedly did this time was fail to check in with his probation officer -- which is illegal, but not the end of the world" wrong.

Our apologies.

This is the sixth time DMX has been arrested in Maricopa County. He's been charged with one count of violating probation and is being held without bail. His first court date is scheduled for November 24.