Was the Story About Jan Brewer Putting "Gay-to-Straight Programs" in Schools Believable?

In case you missed it, no, Governor Jan Brewer is not putting "gay-to-straight programs" in Arizona schools.

Tons of people fell for the fake news story that was circulated online, and many people -- including those who were fooled and those who were not -- said they wouldn't put it past Brewer to try to do something like this.

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It seems a little extraordinary (to say the least), but the fake quote attributed to Brewer said, "I think this will be an amazing opportunity for gay children to finally learn who they truly are for once in their lives. Can you imagine how much more productive these 'now-straight' children will be not always being bullied or wondering why god made them defective? What we have done here today is monumental. I can only hope and pray that other states follow suit."

Brewer has made some anti-gay moments in her history, but not that extreme. You may recall that Brewer has opposed gay marriage and signed a law to end benefits for "domestic partners" of state employees.

Also, while Brewer was campaigning against Terry Goddard back in 2010, Brewer's top adviser/campaign boss Chuck Coughlin suggested that Goddard was gay.

But demanding gay schoolchildren be taught how to be straight is not something she's even considered (well, publicly, we guess).

However, some people aren't putting it past her. As for this fake news report, was there some aspect about it that you think was believable?

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