Maricopa County Working With Sheriff's Office This Morning to Locate New Office Space; Wells Fargo Seeks Early Termination of MCSO Lease

An hour of work this morning produced only scant information about the talks to move Sheriff Joe Arpaio's headquarters out of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Phoenix.

Cari Gerchick, spokeswoman for Maricopa County, tells us that Wells Fargo is not exactly evicting the Sheriff's Office from the 18th and 19th floors of the building at 100 West Washington. Rather, it wants the floors for its own use and wants the county to know that it will waive any penalties or notice requirements if the Sheriff's Office leaves before the September 30, 2013 end-date of the contract.

Gerchick didn't know when Wells Fargo wished to see Arpaio leave. We couldn't reach Dennis Lindsey, the county's real estate manager, on the phone this morning. He was the one who received the recent letter from Wells Fargo (we're assured we'll have a copy for you to see later this morning).

Here's the interesting part: Gerchick says Lindsey can't be reached because he's working with Loretta Barkell, Arpaio's finance manager, to locate new office space for the MCSO.

Sounds urgent, no?

We'll be updating this one later...


UPDATE: Click here for the latest.