Elizabeth Johnson, Baby Gabriel Mom, Refuses to Go to Court...Again

Elizabeth Johnson, the kinda-hot/borderline-nuts-o mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, was supposed to be in court this morning to attend a hearing regarding the kidnapping charges she faces stemming from her son's disappearance in December of 2009.

Johnson, apparently, didn't feel like it.

For at least the second time in less than a year, Johnson's flat-out refused to show up for court.

Last March, Johnson, who's charged with abuse and kidnapping in the December 2009 disappearance of the baby, refused to attend a hearing for motions, including the designation of counsel, which cannot be ruled on without the defendant in court.

Court spokeswoman Karen Arra told New Times at the time that Johnson opted to stay in jail rather than attend the hearing. The next week, however, Johnson didn't have that option.

Judge Timothy Ryan rescheduled the hearing, and gave the Maricopa County sheriff's deputies responsible for transporting Johnson carte blanche when it came to making sure her butt was in the courtroom -- and it was.

According to Arra, Judge Ryan told deputies to use "any means necessary" to get Johnson to court -- and that's apparently the case yet again.

Johnson has a court date scheduled for next month -- and she's going to be there...whether she likes it or not.

The judge now hearing the case, Judge Paul McMurdie, has now ordered that if Johnson refuses to go to court, sheriff's deputies have the green light to physically remove her from her cell in Joe Arpaio's gulag and bring her to court.