Should Cops Be Able to Use Drones Without a Warrant?

Earlier this week, we told you about the proposed bill that would make it illegal for cops to use drones to gather information without a search warrant.

House Bill 2574 is very similar to bills being proposed in several other states, although the legislators proposing the Arizona edition happen to be proponents of anti-black-helicopter legislation -- like the "birther" bills.

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-Arizona Bill Would Ban Police Use of Drones Without a Warrant

According to the Associated Press, "at least 11 states" are considering legislation like Arizona's drone bill, and the AP didn't include Arizona's bill in that count.

Although police don't need a warrant to fly helicopters, this bill would prevent police from using drones in any capacity without a search warrant, according to the bill's language.

Although drones can be used by police in a perfectly constitutional manner without a search warrant -- as decided by the Supreme Court -- this bill would specifically ban that in Arizona.

Do you fear the drone? Should cops be able to use them without a search warrant?

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