Should Chris Simcox Get a Plea Deal on His Molestation Charges?

The Feathered Bastard reports that it looks like former Minuteman/alleged child molester Chris Simcox is landing a plea deal on those kid-diddlin' charges.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office may seem to hand out plea deals like candy on Halloween, but it seems like a cheap move to offer one to a guy who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with some power-players in the county, apparently including none other than County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

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-Bill Montgomery's Ex-Ally Chris Simcox May Score Plea Deal in Child Molestation Case

Montgomery had apparently gone on at least one Minuteman patrol with Simcox, according to multiple accounts.

As videographer Dennis Gilman put it in the comments section of a blog post yesterday, "You offer a scumbag like Simcox a plea deal and over-charge undocumented parents for working with every (possible) thing you can throw at them." (See: Bill Montgomery Is No Immigration Moderate.)

Although the details of this plea agreement haven't been made public, it's already not looking good.

Do you think Simcox should get any deal from Montgomery's office?

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