J.D. Hayworth Quits Radio Gig to Run Against John McCain

ormer Arizona congressman turned AM radio conservative squawk box, has quit his radio gig at KFYI-AM to begin a campaign to un-seat Senator John McCain as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.

No shocker here, Hayworth has been hinting at a coup attempt for months.

Hayworth confirmed the move on Friday but did not officially announce his candidacy.

"We will formally announce at a later time, but we're moving forward to challenge John McCain," he tells the Associated Press. "I think we all respect John. I think his place in history is secure. But after close to a quarter-century in Washington, it's time for him to come home."

McCain was probably expecting a challenge from the ultra-conservative Hayworth and has already called in his former running mate and newfound conservative darling, Sarah Palin, to drum up some right-wing support.

McCain is also taking some heat from within his own party.



Last week, Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Rob Haney accused McCain of trying to "take the true conservatives out" after another county chairman called for an independent audit of the state GOP's books.

Whether McCain is holding the strings above that situation is unknown, but the race to see which conservative is the most conservative is definitely on.