Phoenix Ranks in the Top 10 in the Nation in Something, and That Something Is Flossing

When it comes to surveys, Phoenix and, really, the entire state of Arizona, never really seem to get near the top when it's good news.

Two prime examples: "Arizona No Longer Ranked Third Worst-Run State in the U.S. -- Now It's Just Fourth-Worst," and "Arizona's Number One in the United States! (For Highest Rate of High School Dropouts)." That said, we're proud to announce that a survey says Phoenix is top 10 in the nation for rates of teeth-flossing.

Phoenix ranked what's really a mediocre eighth, with 35 percent of people surveyed flossing at least once a day, according to a survey by DenTek -- the company that makes those flossing picks with the pick end so sharp it could probably be used as a murder weapon.

Other interesting flossing results provided in this survey include the apparent fact that neo-Phoenicians don't floss in weird places. The survey ranks Phoenix number two in the nation for "flossing in their home bathroom." If someone can tell us other locations people floss, that would be great.

On the disgusting side, one in 10 people nationally have never flossed. How they get popcorn out of their teeth is beyond us.

Further, people most likely to have crap-filled teeth live in Cleveland, or the Seattle and Dallas areas, according to the survey.

The biggest flossers are from Los Angeles, Boston, and Detroit, apparently.

On behalf of dentists, dental hygienists, and oral surgeons everywhere, go floss your teeth.