Should Setting a "National Day of the Cowboy" Be a Priority for the State Legislature?

Governor Jan Brewer has signed into a law that creates the non-legal holiday of the "National Day of the Cowboy" in Arizona.

The purpose of this "holiday" is to, um, you know, uh . . .

"Many of the blessings enjoyed by Arizonans today are because of the contributions of our Keepers of the Range: The Arizona cowboy and cowgirl," the press release from Governor Brewer's office says. "These men and women -- of all races and backgrounds -- are among the truest symbols of the American Southwest. I thank Senator Griffin for sponsoring this measure and legislators for taking action to honor our unique cowboy culture."

In other words, it does nothing -- but it takes place annually, on the fourth Saturday of July.

Taking into consideration things like the state budget, would you consider a "National Day of the Cowboy" to be a priority for the state Legislature?

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