Naked Meth-Head in Phoenix Park Claimed Stranger Offered to Wash His Clothes, Cops Say

A naked meth-head in a Phoenix park told police he had a good reason he was walking around completely naked.

Steve Charow, a 47-year-old Phoenix resident who just happens to be a registered sex offender (surprise!) tried to explain that a Good Samaritan he met in the park offered to wash his clothes for him, so he stripped down and handed them over, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Charow only said this to police after he tried to run from officers at Cortez Park, near 35th Avenue and Dunlap, after several people phoned in to the cops. Police caught up to Charow and he "appeared to be under the influence of drugs" and was "saying things that did not make sense."

Among those things that didn't make much sense was that "someone in the park" is just offering to wash everyone's clothes.

According to the court documents, Charow eventually admitted to owning a pair of pants that were on a bench in the park.

Police allege a bag of meth was found in those pants, too (another surprise!).

Charow admitted that the meth was his "shit," court documents state.

The state sex-offender database says Charow is a level-three sex offender, which is "high." His offenses included public sexual indecency, indecent exposure, and failure to register as a sex offender.

In this case, Charow was booked into jail for indecent exposure as well as a pair of drug charges.

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