Kurt Warner's Foundation Gets Help From "Renowned Life Coach;" Is Anyone Else Thinking About a "Van Down by the River?"

Two Arizona "life coaches" will host an event to benefit Arizona Cardinals former quarterback Kurt Warner's First Things First Foundation.

If you're like us, the second you hear the term "life coach" you automatically let out a cynical chuckle and immediately think of Chris Farley living "in a van down by the river."

Despite how laughable the idea of a "life coach" may be, the Arizona-based "coaches," Mike Lindstrom and Justin Fatica, will host a seminar where all the proceeds will benefit Warner's foundation.

"Justin and I have been inspired by Warner's commitment to empowering the community and those around him, and we wanted to contribute back to his organization to keep that message alive in our own work," Lindstrom says.

The event is dubbed The Stand and is part of an HBO series with the same name.

We'd never heard of The Stand, but officials organizing the event claim the "program is known throughout the U.S. as a straight-forward approach to empowering individuals to stand up and reach out to others in their lives. Countless testimonials of  life-changing experiences in the event have proven that the exclusive content covered...has the power to heal and inspire people from all walks of life."

Sounds like some pretty potent snake-oil, if you ask us. Let's just hope there isn't a sweat lodge involved.

The event will be held on April 13, at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix.