Joe Arpaio Set to Deliver "Birther" Christmas Today, Rumor Mill Claims Evidence of "Criminal Offenses"

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's playing Santa Claus for the "birther" crowd today, as he's delivering the "preliminary findings" of his Cold Case Posse's "investigation" into President Obama's eligibility.

MCSO spokesman Jeff Sprong says it's unknown how many media members will be in attendance for the announcement, "but we are expecting quite a few."

It's apparently so important to the tinfoil-hat types that the conspiracy-theory website World Net Daily will be streaming the 1 p.m. press conference live over the Internet. (Sigh, click here to watch it.)

Arpaio promised the "birthers" he'd be delivering a "shock" into his posse's fresh look into the continuously debunked conspiracy theory, although he claimed last week that he took on the "investigation" into Obama's eligibility to be president because he was "doing him a favor" by intending to clear his name.

According to the rumor mill, he won't be clearing Obama today -- in fact, the sheriff has apparently dropped the phrase "criminal offenses" in reference to the investigation's findings.

Here's what Hot Air claims Arpaio told them yesterday:

"There is new evidence that can prove fraud, forgery and other criminal offenses, I am not accusing the President of committing such acts but these are not just allegations. There are a lot of smoke screens and a lot of smoke. Where there's smoke, there's fire"

Arpaio told New Times in November that the key to investigating whether Obama's eligible for the office of the president deals with twins born at the same Hawaii hospital as the president (allegedly), just one day earlier.

The sheriff said the twins' files could be found on microfiche -- meaning Obama's records should be there too.

Arpaio still claimed that if the twin theory didn't add up, there was "other information" that could solve the case.

Either way, it sounds like the embarrassment's coming (as if it hadn't already arrived when Arpaio announced he was going to look into it).

Judging from the homepage of the Drudge Report before news broke of conservative writer Andrew Breitbart's death, it looks like the wingnuts are prepared to go apeshit express their affirmation of Arpaio's findings.