President's Biggest AZ Cheerleader, State Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Leads March For Obama Healthcare Plan

Arizona has its own "Obama Girl," and she happens to be part of the state House Democratic leadership.

Assistant House Democratic leader Kyrsten Sinema, whose apparent crush on our progressive president reached fever pitch today, as she marched with dozens of demonstrators in favor of "Obama-care."

During the president's speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars annual national convention in Phoenix today, Sinema took it upon herself to try to drown out the scores of protesters in opposition to the president's healthcare plan.

Ironically, Sinema's one of 32 state legislators across the country — the only one from Arizona — pegged for Obama's White House Health Reform Task Force.

"Our country's health system is broken, and families and businesses are being crushed by high healthcare costs," Sinema says. "The American people, including right here is Arizona, deserve better."

For the last few weeks, Sinema's been touring Valley health centers, and if you look at the House Democratic press release Web site, you'll see that she wants the world to know.

Since mid-July, and in the midst of the fiercest state budget battle in Arizona history, six of the 12 press releases coming from House Democrats have been about Sinema's tours.

The tours are supposed to give Sinema an idea of issues facing Arizonans regarding healthcare so she can take them to Washington, and tell the president.

Today, with the vast majority of protesters coming out against the Obama plan, Sinema re-affirmed her support.

With the earful Sinema got from protesters today, and support for the Obama plan slipping faster than state Senator Carolyn Allen down a capitol staircase, perhaps Sinema should start listening to everyone, and not just sick people with no insurance. Gun-toting hillbillies have opinions, too, ya know?!