Chuck Norris Just Loves Joe Arpaio

Chuck Norris -- the actor who rose to fame after getting his ass kicked by Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon -- just loves Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

So much, in fact, that Norris recently penned a column praising the sheriff and condemning the typical members of the far-right-wing conspiracy-theory list of those trying to "take down" Arpaio: President Obama, George Soros, the mainstream media, and the "entire left-wing progressive establishment."

Norris, of course, is a big Republican activist and often times writes columns for Arpaio's "birther" friends at World Net Daily.

It's an interesting time for Norris to get gushy about Arpaio, considering the county seems to constantly be doling out cash to people as a result of his actions, he's caught up in what the Justice Department calls the worst case of racial profiling U.S. history, and most recently, what a state Supreme Court panel called the "unholy collaboration" between Arpaio and disbarred ex-county attorney Andrew Thomas, among other things.

Arpaio's retort to this seems to be A) "illegals" are awful, and B) Obama's from Africa -- which puts Norris' column into the file labeled "comical."

Norris didn't touch Arpaio's "birther" investigation in his column, but he's clearly going out of his way to say how awesome Arpaio is, and how much he thinks Obama sucks.

"Despite how you feel about Sheriff Joe's personal conduct, government suspicions, or the severity of criminal discipline, there is no doubt that the feds' entanglements into his affairs are a massive overreach of local and state laws and jurisdictions," Norris says. "It is pathetic that President Barack Obama, as well as the entire left-wing progressive establishment, is in a multimillion-dollar smear campaign to discredit and take down Sheriff Joe, as the sheriff's own re-election website proclaims, because he has "led the fight in Arizona against illegal immigration."

He also points to how correct radio commentator Rush Limbaugh is in saying the "MSM" is biased against Arpaio, the example being that "not a single left-wing news source" reported the death threats against Arpaio from an "Obama supporter."

As we wrote in March, we found the threats in question, and while he didn't claim to be an "Obama fanatic" as Arpaio suggested, he did claim that Satan told him to start killing "birthers" to start a war between the political left and right, which was supposed to fulfill some goal of depopulating the earth a bit.

Aside from that, Norris wants to know something.

"My question is this: If there isn't any credence to the left-wing's demonizing and entrapment of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, then why would billionaire progressive George Soros spend millions of dollars on anti-Arpaio campaigns and pledge millions more to defeat the toughest U.S. sheriff's re-election?" he asks.

That appears to be related to the apparent rumor started by the "Minuteman PAC" soliciting donations for Arpaio, claiming "Obama's buddy George Soros even pledged $10 million to defeat Sheriff Joe for re-election!"

We couldn't find a single source for that claim outside of the fundraising email from "Minuteman PAC," but it seems to be a popular rumor.

But let's hear more about how awesome Arpaio is, Chuck.

"The Obama administration and far-left progressive agents like Soros are persecuting Sheriff Arpaio because he won't turn a blind eye to tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding into America," Norris proclaims. "And their underhanded and intimidating message is being played and replayed by their MSM minions for every other U.S. sheriff and freedom-loving American[.]"

Most people probably aren't surprised by Norris' cheerleading, but the washed-up celebrity brigade coming to Arpaio's defense as of late (see: Nugent, Ted) is getting pretty comical.

Click here for Norris' full column.