Woman to Cops After Trying to Run Them Over With Truck: "I Freaked Out"

The Maricopa woman who police say used her truck to try and run down several officers -- with three young children in the vehicle -- offered cops the following explanation for her strange behavior: "I freaked out."

Since our post this morning about 29-year-old Rebekah Lynn Corwin's wild ride through north Scottsdale early yesterday morning, during which she injured two police officers and damaged four Scottsdale police cars and a gate to a private neighborhood, we've obtained court documents that indicate the arresting officers think she may be mentally ill.

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According to court documents, during much of the police pursuit, Corwin was driving on rims after "stop sticks" deployed by police destroyed two of her tires.

After finally coming to a stop when she crashed into a ditch near Scottsdale Road, officers removed the three children -- one of whom was riding unsecured on the floor of the truck -- from the smoking vehicle.

Corwin, meanwhile, went berserk.

According to court records, it took four officers to remove Corwin from the vehicle as she was "violently" flailing her arms and legs as officers tried to restrain her.

At one point, one of the officers felt she was trying to grab his gun, so another officer used a Taser to try and subdue her. After several zaps, Corwin calmed down.

Officers bound Corwin with a "RIP Restraint," and helped her into a seated position where she was read her Miranda Rights and asked what happened.

"I freaked out," she told the cops.

She also said she "freaked out" again the day before at a gymnastics event, but refused to elaborate.

After finally taking Corwin into custody, officers contacted her mother and fiancee to get a better idea about her mental health.

Both said she was not a drug addict, or an alcoholic, and had never been treated for mental health issues in the past, nor was she taking any medications for mental illness. Her mother did say, however, that Corwin was acting "bitchy" towards her the day before the incident.

Police say Corwin didn't appear to have been drinking or under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

In total, Corwin's been charged with 14 crimes, five of which are felonies. Her first court appearance is scheduled for February 14.