John Brigham, Accused in Naked Carjacking Spree in Scottsdale, Trashed Uncle's Home in November While Dressed in Towel; UPDATE With 911 Calls

John Brigham, a 45-year-old man whose naked carjacking spree in Scottsdale on Friday ended with multiple crashes, trashed his uncle's home back in November while dressed in a towel.

In Friday's incident, Brigham stripped naked and danced on top of his car before stealing a Toyota Prius and crashing it into numerous cars before being arrested. A pregnant woman in one of the cars broke both legs, cops say.

Today, we looked through a report concerning Brigham from November that describes similarly bizarre behavior. Police don't know if Brigham was on drugs during last week's spree. But when police confronted the Gilbert man back at his uncle's Scottsdale home back in November, Brigham admitted he'd smoked pot and snorted meth.

In that previous case, police responded to a call that a man was acting strangely at a home near Hayden and Indian Bend roads. When they got there, the first thing they noticed through the open front door was Brigham, dressed only in a towel held around his waist with a document clip, dancing to loud music and talking to nonexistent fellow partiers. He'd removed screens from the home's windows, piled debris in the kitchen, spread dirt all over the back patio, and had a pot in the kitchen filled with various things. Asked what the pot was for, Brigham answered cheerily that it was in preparation for the arrival of the "witch."

Brigham had indulged his creative side on the driveway, creating a structure made with things from the home including a grapefruit with a key stuck in it, a football, a hammer and other items all stacked on a pair of dog kennels. Brigham had placed a lamp at the top to illuminate the sculpture.

He told cops he was allowed to be in the home, which belonged to his "Uncle Eddy." Police called Brigham's relative, who told them he was a winter visitor currently in New York, and that his nephew did have permission to be at his home. The cop asked Uncle Eddy if he'd also given Brigham permission to "redecorate" the home, explaining that his nephew had caused "extensive damage" at the home. Uncle Eddy agreed he'd help the prosecution with the case, but said he was more concerned about Brigham's mental health than the damage.

Police allowed Brigham to get dressed, but the man took all of his clothes off once in Scottsdale's city jail and created a disturbance with "non-stop" banging and yelling. He was allowed to take a diversion program in that case and criminal charges were erased.

Brigham remains at a hospital for a mental-health evaluation following Friday's rampage.

Police on Monday released 911 tapes from the spree in which surprised witnesses reported the naked man climbing up on his vehicle's roof after a collision in which another vehicle caught fire.

"Oh, my god!" one man yells to dispatchers. "This guy's, like, nuts!"

After that collision, Brigham forced a woman out of her Toyota Prius and drove it eastbound in the westbound lanes of Shea Boulevard. He hit several other vehicles, sparking more 911 callers. Check out the 911 tapes relating to John Brigham's naked spree by clicking here.

Also see video below of a Scottsdale cop ordering the naked Brigham to lie on the ground: