Signs of the Times

Snow for Dough: Valley Strip Mall Breaks Out the White Stuff to Attract Shoppers

Desert dwellers can feel a splash of snow falling on their heads this holiday season at one East Valley strip mall. 

The still-spanking-new Tempe Marketplace will be dropping snow on shoppers every night till Christmas. Well, not really snow, but an artificial look-alike that dissolves instantly -- you can't ski or write your name in pee in it.

We find it amusing how this Channel 15 (KNXV-TV) news report describes the faux-snow without ever actually telling you what it is (Soap? Non-fat whipped cream?):

The artificial snow, made up of 90 percent water, is non-toxic, non-staining and eco-friendly. It's non-allergenic and dissolves upon contact.

Cheap imitation, sure, but it'll still be a visual treat for the shoppers Tempe Marketplace wants to pull in.

Kids looking to pelt their parents with snowballs, meanwhile, can seek out the Valley's various other snow-day events this holiday season. -- Ray Stern