Octavio Quintana Grabbed A Random 14-Year-Old Girl's Butt For Being "Disrespectful"

For a 32-year-old man, following around a random 14-year-old girl and running away after grabbing her butt is pretty creepy. Finding out where the girl lives and showing up at her apartment on Valentine's Day takes it to a whole new level.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Octavio Quintana wasn't too happy that the random 14-year-old girl he was following around Chandler streets wasn't giving him attention.

Quintana decided to get back at the girl for being "disrespectful" -- by grabbing her booty.

Cops say Quintana started walking behind the girl while she was walking down Arizona Avenue around 7 a.m. on February 7, and tried to chat her up.

Seeing as the 14-year-old girl wasn't exactly interested in a random 32-year-old who came out of nowhere, she didn't respond to him.

After she didn't respond to any of his inquiries, cops say Quintana just decided to grab her butt and run away.

The girl filed a report with police, and Quintana probably would've gotten away with it -- until he "found out" where the girl lives and knocked on the door of her apartment on Valentine's Day.

Of course, the girl kept the door locked and watched as he lingered outside the apartment before calling the cops.

When police arrived, Quintana was still hanging around the apartment complex, which made it easy for the cops to catch him.

Police say Quintana admitted to the whole butt-grabbing thing, and explained that he did it because the girl was being "disrespectful."

Quintana was booked on a felony charge of aggravated assault on a minor.