Morning Poll: Is Alleged South Phoenix Rapist Being "Framed"

The man police say raped three young girls as they walked to school in south Phoenix was arrested earlier this week, and despite some pretty damning evidence, his family and pregnant fiancee are telling anyone who will listen that he's being set up.

Dejuan Donaldson, 18, has been hit with a total of 13 crimes, including sexual assault and kidnapping for his alleged assaults on the girls, ages 10, 12, and 17.

Donaldson's fiancee insists that she was with him at the time of at least one of the assaults, and his mother says her son's not capable of committing such heinous crimes. She even cites the corruption "going on at 620 West Washington," which is the address of Phoenix police headquarters.

Of course, that's his mother and girlfriend talking -- in reality, Donaldson's DNA was found on each of the three victims, and his fingerprints were found on a cellphone that belonged to one of the girls.

Seems pretty clear the state's got a case, but we want to know what you think: is Donaldson being "framed"?

Cast your vote below.