Queen Creek Mom Could be in Trouble for Failing to Report Daughter's Sex Acts With Young Man

A Queen Creek mom is under investigation over the possibility that she failed to report her 14-year-old daughter's sexual tryst with a young transient she'd invited to live in her home.

Angel Green, (a.ka. Daniel Green -- pictured above), was 18 when the mom-of-the-year candidate invited him to move in. Lieutenant Tami Villar of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office tells New Times that deputies still aren't sure how the mom first met Green or what inspired her to take him in. An East Valley Tribune article explains that the sex began in August, but he didn't move in until January.


After catching Green having sex with the girl a second time, the mom kicked him out of the house. Not having anywhere to go, he hung around the area until the mom filed a restraining order against him. That's apparently when police got involved.

Problem is, the law requires people to report child abuse after it happens -- the first time.

Green, now 19, faces charges of statutory rape and a possible lifetime label as a sex offender.