Kevin Skinner, Who Police Say Called Them to Report He Killed His Mom, Pleads Not Guilty

Kevin Skinner, the 22-year-old Phoenix man who called the cops earlier in the month to let them know he'd just murdered his mother by suffocating her with a grocery bag, pleaded not guilty this morning.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Skinner and his mom got into an argument on March 3, and when she got ready to leave her son's apartment, he attacked her and ended up suffocating her.

After going outside and laying on the grass for a while, Skinner decided to call 9-1-1 and let the cops in on what just happened.

Police responded to Skinner's Phoenix apartment around 6 p.m., and Skinner informed the arriving officers that he'd just killed his mother inside.

Sure enough, police found Janet Skinner dead inside the apartment with a clear plastic grocery bag next to her.

According to the police report, Kevin Skinner told police he got into a "brief argument" with his mother while they were watching television, as she wanted him to go to a hospital to get "some psychological problems" checked out.

After arguing, Skinner's mom told him she was leaving, and as she began to walk out, Skinner put his mom in a choke-hold and wrested her to the ground.

Skinner began to choke her with his hands, before slamming her into a wall and attempting to choke her again.

That's when Skinner grabbed the grocery bag and tightened it over her head until she stopped moving.

Skinner then walked outside and laid on the grass to figure out what he should do, and he eventually settled on calling the cops and turning himself in.

Police say Skinner "fully intended" on killing his mother, and say he "did not show any remorse" for what he'd just done.

When asked exactly why he killed his mother, he told police it was "because she was going to leave and he did not want her to leave. He wanted her to listen to him," court documents state.

Skinner's charged with first-degree murder.