Cindy McCain Caught Kissing Another Man, Claims National Enquirer

By Ray Stern

The National Enquirer says Cindy McCain is having an affair and claims to possess pictures of the wanna-be First Lady and her beau as supposed evidence.

The Enquirer released one such picture (above) with its online story and promises more to come. Trouble is, there's no way to tell if it's really Cindy or not in the low-resolution picture.

At least one fact is true in the online article: The Tempe Music Festival did take place on April 1, 2006, featuring the John Mayer Trio and other acts. It seems almost ludicrous the high-profile wife of a U.S. Senator would be openly smooching with some dude at this well-attended event as onlookers snapped photos. Then again, Cindy had an affair with John while he was still married, so any story of infidelity in the McCain family can't be dismissed as impossible.

The Enquirer plans to release a full story in its print edition. If this picture and these details are the best they've got, though, this tabloid tale will fade quicker than the one about Bat Boy.