Arizona Cardinals Calling on Veteran Quarterbacks to Compete With Matt Leinart

With the retirement of the Arizona Cardinals veteran quarterback Kurt Warner, the team's quarterback situation has become more of a quarterback problem.

The heir-apparent to Warner, Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart, is inconsistent at best and members of the Cardinals offense have expressed a lack of confidence in the now not-so-young quarterback.

Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt has said in the past that he has confidence in Leinart, but that isn't stopping the him from bringing in some veteran quarterbacks to compete with Leinart for the starting spot:

This week, San Diego Chargers backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst will be in town for a look-see by Cardinals coaches.

Whitehurst was a third-round pick out of Clemson and comes with his own collection of collegiate accolades but has spent the bulk of his career holding the clipboard for Chargers starter Phillip Rivers or veteran Billy Volek.

Whitehurst is a restricted free agent, which means that any offer the Cardinals may make could be met by San Diego if the team feels like keeping him around.

Another veteran QB mentioned for the job is Browns former Quarterback Derek Anderson, who would no doubt challenge Leinart for the starting role.

Anderson was released by the Browns after a dreadful 2009 season, where he had a total of 888 yards in eight games and threw 10 interceptions.

Those numbers suck, but look at it this way: the Cleveland Browns sucked, too. Anderson didn't have much help, that is. 

Experts believe Anderson is capable of being a good quarterback if he's got a good team around him.

Just two years ago, Anderson made the Pro Bowl after throwing for 3,787 yards with the Browns that season.

With capable receivers like Larry Fitzgerald and Early Doucet, Anderson and the Cards could be a real threat in the NFC.

Whether the starter be Leinart or Anderson, Cardinals fans are still muttering one thing: "Why'd you do this to us Kurt?"