Governor Brewer Pencils in Face Time With Legislators to Talk About Budget -- Finally


Now more than two weeks after the Arizona State Legislature passed a budget deemed satisfactory by Governor Jan Brewer, the absentee chief executive has cleared her schedule to hold discussions with legislators on how to pay for it.

Brewer's schedule, usually full of press conferences, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and baby-kissing, this week is strictly devoted to meeting with legislators to talk about the budget, about which legislators have been doing without the governor for the last two weeks.

Last week at a press conference, Brewer had no explanation for her absence from the negotiations, but public outcry, and media heroics (New Times', of Course) may have been what finally brought the governor to the table.

She also got flack from legislators, who say she gave them no guidance when she ordered them into special session about three weeks ago.


Since then, the governor's press secretarym Paul Senseman, only says "The governor will keep an open mind when it comes to finding ways to pay for the budget," and its $2 billion shortfall.

What's on the governor's "open mind?" A sales tax hike?

At this point, Governor Brewer, we're not that interested in what you do, but just that you do something -- and fast!