ASU's Undie Runners "Cause a Ruckus." Police Forced to Shut Down Student Union; 12 Arrested

Apparently quite a bit. Participants in last night's "undie run" caused enough of a "ruckus" to force police to pull the fire alarm at the school's Memorial Union to get thousands of rowdy, scantily clad students to leave the building.

Last night, an estimated 20,000 people ran through ASU's Tempe campus in nothing but their underwear as an excuse to get drunk for charity. It's an annual tradition at ASU that takes place on the last day of classes every May, and this year, organizers were hoping to break the Guinness Book of World Records tally for the largest gathering of people wearing only underpants.

Things got a little out of hand, as you can see in a video posted on the university's student newspaper Facebook page, which you can see here.

Assistant ASU Chief of Police Jay Spradling tells New Times that as the students paraded through the MU, kids were seen tipping over trash cans and chairs as they screamed their way from one entrance of the building to an exit on the other side.

State Press reporter Danielle Legler posted on the paper's Facebook page that "students stormed the building, climbing all over everything. Police had to set off the fire alarms to get everybody out and assess the damage."

In total, Spradling says there were 12 arrests, seven of which were alcohol-related, the others for trespassing. Given the amount of people involved in the event, he says, that number is on the low side.

"There's good and bad about the event," Spradling says. "They raise a lot of clothes for the charity, but we'd obviously prefer it to be more orderly than it's been the past few years."

When you allow thousands of college kids to run half-naked and drunk through a college campus, expecting anything to be "orderly" is a pipe-dream.