Rozeanna Luna, After Unsuccessfully Trying to Give Away Her Baby at a Phoenix Gas Station, Calls 911 on Herself to Get Rid of Child

A Phoenix mother tried to give away her 6-month-old baby to four random people at a gas station before just giving up and calling 911 on herself, in hopes that she'd be jailed, and her child would be taken away, police say.

Rozeanna Luna, 36, actually has several older children, including a 20-year-old son, with whom she regularly smokes meth, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

Luna was at the AM/PM gas station around 23rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road on Wednesday shortly after 5 p.m., and asked four random people to take her 6-month-old child.

According to court documents, Luna wanted the strangers to take her kid forever, as she no longer wanted to care for the child.

Obviously, nobody at the gas station volunteered to adopt a new baby.

So, Luna called 911 and told police that after getting into a fight with her ex-husband a few days ago, then getting into a fight with her 20-year-old son, she decided that she wanted to sit at the bus stop, but not with her kid. She admitted to a dispatcher that she was asking people at the gas station to take her baby, according to the documents.

Luna said she called 911 "because she knew she would get arrested for her warrants and the police would take her child," according to a probable-cause statement.

Luna admitted to drinking that morning and smoking meth a couple of days ago, the documents state. She said she usually smokes meth with her 20-year-old son, but they put the baby in another room.

She also argued with police, who gave her a lecture about having to care for her child, as she complained that they weren't immediately arresting her.

The manager of the gas station also called 911, out of concern that Luna's baby was being exposed to the sun. According to the documents, the temperature ranged from 99 to 100 degrees, and although the Luna came into the store and got water, it appeared that Luna just got it for herself and didn't give any to the baby.

Police tried to talk some sense into Luna, asking her whether she was aware that her baby could be harmed just by giving away her baby at a gas station, since she doesn't know the people.

Luna also said she didn't want to call her ex-husband, because she didn't want to "hear him yell at her for the way she was taking care of the child," a probable-cause statement says. But she added that she loved all of her kids (the other kids, which are all over age 20), before blaming those kids for taking all her money.

Add in the fact that Luna was trying to give her baby away in an area police describe as high-crime, with several registered sex offenders living within a mile of the area, you bet Luna finally got her wish, and was arrested on a felony child-abuse charge.

Luna also had active arrest warrants and has committed "violent assaults" in the past, according to court documents.

Her bond was set at $1,800.