Andrew Thomas' New Website About ISIS Is a Bomb; With UPDATE

A new website launched two weeks ago by disgraced Arizona politician Andrew Thomas about the "threat" of ISIS appears to be defunct.

(See Update below — the site's back up.)

Thomas, ignominiously disbarred in April of 2012 after abusing his power as Maricopa County Attorney, last year wasted $750,000 in Clean Elections cash for his failed bid for Arizona governor. Of course, that amount pales in comparison to the millions he cost the county for his antics — especially his "unholy collaboration" with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Not content to remain out of the limelight, the Harvard-educated, far-out Republican began publishing "Stars & Banners" on March 26.

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Since nothing's truly dead online, you can still retrieve a cached copy, as we did.

On the site, Thomas has pushed his favorite subject — illegal immigration — to the side. He's discovered a new threat — one possibly greater than Hitler, the Soviet Union, or unemployment. It's ISIS, and they're coming to get you.

Every American generation has faced an "existential" threat, the site's first post said. "Now, the challenge comes from radical Islam and its most lethal and menacing advocate: ISIS."

The site "seeks to be the essential destination for those seeking news and analysis of the fight against ISIS...These pages will look beyond the shocking photos and headlines for a truer, deeper understanding of what is happening."

By the third article of the day, "Hannibal's Ghost," Thomas' paranoia begins to look like the running theme: "If ancient warriors could float elephants across the same sea, then march them over the Alps and into the heart of Italy, it is worth asking just what a modern enemy like ISIS can do."

A post last week that ties the lunar eclipse to ISIS made Thomas sound like the baby of "Double Rainbow" man and Ann Coulter: "A 'blood moon' (lunar eclipse) is to fall on both Easter Vigil and Passover. This will be the third of 4 lunar eclipses to fall in a short, 18-month period. This is both rare and remarkable. Whatever its meaning, the celestial event makes one think as we see evil on the march throughout the world. ISIS is at the forefront of these malignant events."

On his "about" section, Thomas forgot to mention his disbarment. For taking "bold stands" on immigration, "as well as exposing judicial activism and wrongdoing, Andrew was attacked by the liberal courts and media," the sites said.

Thomas wrote that next week, the site will " expand its scope to include discussion of illegal immigration..."

He just can't help himself.

Despite a nice plug he got by his former acolyte Rachel Alexander on her own blog site, Intellectual Conservative, Thomas' site looked dead as of Monday.

Judging by its Facebook action, he could have used a few more "likes."

We're hoping he gets back on the beat in time for a fascinating analysis about ISIS and Memorial Day.

UPDATE April 9: Thomas has answered everyone's prayers and put his site back online. Since Tuesday he's penned three very short posts about ISIS with links to news articles. We went ahead and put a comment on his most recent blog post, since his comment sections are looking awfully lonely.

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