Andrew Thomas in Lead for AG; Bill Montgomery Leading in Maricopa County Attorney Race


Senator John McCain, former deputy county attorney Bill Montgomery and former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas are beating their competitors as initial election results come in.

The Republican primary election results are disappointing those hoping for end to the political chaos in Maricopa County. But if the leads hold, the election of Thomas and Montgomery would seem to show that concern over illegal immigration was the key factor for most Republican voters.

Here are the numbers as of about 8:40 p.m., with early voting and 10 percent of precincts reporting:



 McCain: 120,264

Hayworth: 59,586


Montgomery: 91,987

Romley: 69,886


Thomas: 98,000 (approx)

Horne: 90,000 (approx)


Other races:

In the Corporation Commission Republican primary, Gary Pierce and Brenda Burns are about neck and neck -- Pierce with a slight lead -- while Barry "Let the Illegals Fry" Wong trails.

Former legislator John Huppenthal has a strong lead against other Repubs for Superintendent of Schools.

We'll have other updates on this blog as the night goes on...