Arizona Capitol

Morning Poll: Should State Senator Scott Bundgaard Resign Over Freeway Brouhaha

The black eye state Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard allegedly suffered as the result of a right hook from his now-ex-girlfriend, Aubry "Highway Heavyweight Champion" Ballard, is probably the least of the senator's concerns this morning.

See New Times' story on the Rumble Next to the Carpool Lane here.

Yesterday, Senate Democrats called for Bundgaard's resignation. Their cries were met with calls from Bundgaard's Republican caucus-mates to at least leave his leadership position.

Republican Senator Ron Gould told the Arizona Republic "getting in a fistfight with your girlfriend on the side of the freeway is behavior unbecoming a senator...I won't be led by somebody who does those kinds of things."

Republican Senator Rich Crandall echoed Gould's comments, telling Capitol Media Services "this has gone way beyond a personal issue between Scott Bundgaard and his girlfriend."

Bundgaard, meanwhile, says he has no intention of resigning.

"I will clear my name as this issue works through the process, and as more information comes out," Bundgaard says in a statement. "And I will do so in the face of the politics that have now been injected into this issue."

We want to know what you think: should Bundgaard resign?

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