Best Reader Caption For Paul Babeu's Self-Portrait?

Yesterday, we asked readers to write the caption for the above photo, a self-portrait of Pinal County Sheriff' Paul "studboi1" Babeu.

The photo came out after New Times broke the story of Babeu's ex-boyfriend claiming he was threatened with deportation if he disclosed the details of their relationship, which you can read all about by clicking here.

After sifting through all the responses -- some of them more politically correct than others -- we've narrowed it down to five finalists.

Only one person will win the pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building, along with a firm handshake and/or high-five, and deciding that winner is up to you.

Here are the finalists:

A) Na123:

"Welcome to penile county I'm the sheriff in these here parts and as sheriff am in charge of the department of erections."

B) maybe368:

"Hey Jose, How do you like my entry for the poster boy for conservative values contest."

C) mikefrombisbee:

"Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu models the department's new summer uniform. 'Like me, the new lightweight summer uniform is wildly popular with our commissioned officers,' Babeu said. 'The only drawback we've found so far is that it's painful to pin the badge on your chest.'

Babeu is conducting a nationwide search for lightweight body armor that will complement the department's daring fashion statement.

'Not everyone's cut and sculpted like me. And not everybody can show a tat like mine to such good effect. But this new outfit will put the fear of God into those illegal aliens and drug smugglers who are crossing Pinal County's border with Mexico.'"

D) Church lady:

"Failed Leadership"

E) HermanKain:

"There's a new sheriff in town, pardner, and he's hardon crime"

Cast your vote below: