"Ride a Bike Save a Butt" Colon-Cancer Awareness Motorcycle Ride Kicks Off This Weekend

This weekend, the Colon Cancer Alliance is calling on bikers to help spread the word about the dangers of colon cancer as part of the group's "Colon All Angels" motorcycle ride through Arizona.

Believe it or not, despite their tough-guy reputation, even the Hells Angels can't scare off colon cancer.

The group is using the phrase "ride a bike, save a butt" to draw attention to the disease, which the group says is now the type of cancer that kills the second-highest number of people in the country.

"We've talked about boobs, and I don't mean to diminish that in any way, but it's time to start talking about butts," Shelia Casto, the group's outreach director, tells New Times.

We couldn't agree more -- who doesn't love a little butt-talk?

Casto suffered from colon cancer herself and says awareness and regular testing would have prevented her from going through a year of radiation and chemotherapy, as well as two surgeries.

Casto says getting diagnosed with colon cancer and the treatment it required was the scariest thing she's ever gone through. She says, while her experience was a trying one, it didn't need to be as bad as it was. She says she put off getting checked out, which allowed the cancer to grow.

The ride will take place Saturday, with a 10:30 a.m. registration at Joeta's Leather at 433 W. Main Street in Mesa and concludes with a 5 p.m. dinner and band at American Legion Post #2 located at 2125 S. Industrial Park Avenue in Tempe.

For more information, check out the CCA's Web site here.