Troy Puetz Caught Videotaping Ex-Girlfriend Having Sex With Other Man; Says She's Into "Some Kinky S**t"

According to Troy Allen Puetz, his ex-girlfriend -- who currently has an order of protection against him -- is into some real "kinky shit."

She's not kinky enough to ask him to stand outside her window and videotape her having sex with another man, though -- which is what police say Puetz was up to Friday night.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Puetz was found by police sitting in his parked car in a neighborhood in the 10,000 block of East Wier Avenue in Mesa Friday night -- just around the corner from his ex's house. When police found him, Puetz was watching porn on a laptop inside the car.

Puetz gave police consent to search his car -- in addition to the laptop, the officers found a video camera in the backseat.

The cops played a video that was saved on the camera and saw what appeared to be a man and a woman having sex "doggy style" on the floor of a home. It appeared the video was shot by someone standing outside the window of the room where the couple was having sex.

"Sir, I'd really rather you'd not look at that," Puetz told police as they were watching the video.

Puetz then explained that the woman in the video was his ex-girlfriend, who he claims asked him to videotape her having sex with her current boyfriend.

"She's into some kinky shit," Puetz explained further.

The officer told Puetz he planned to ask the woman if she recruited Puetz to shoot the video. Puetz responded by telling the officer "I really wish you wouldn't do that."

Puetz then explained to the cops that his former flame currently has an order of protection against him. He then changed his story to say he was waiting for her so she could take him to meet a mutual friend.

Cops contacted Puetz's ex, whom police immediately recognized from homemade porno and confirmed what they suspected: she never asked Puetz to record her and another man having sex.

Puetz was arrested on Monday and booked into jail on one count each of voyeurism and trespassing.