Was Janet Napolitano's Decision to Leave Arizona a Good One?

Yesterday, Janet Napolitano gave her farewell speech as the Secretary of Homeland Security, as she moves on to run the University of California system.

It's kind of hard to see the reward (for the rest of us) for her abandoning Arizona in the first place.

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Napolitano left Arizona with Jan Brewer as governor in 2009, and Brewer's still here, obviously.

Not that the state was paradise with Napolitano around, but you'd have to imagine that Arizona doesn't earn the title of the "meth lab of democracy" without Brewer at the helm.

Napolitano hasn't really done anything exceptional at the federal level, other than bail out early.

She wasn't exactly immigrant-friendly as the head of DHS, although she was helping President Obama's cause on the immigration-reform front, as she endlessly swore that the borders were more secure than ever.

Now her biggest job is overseeing universities in California. Yippee.

So, for everyone not named Janet Napolitano, was Napolitano's decision to leave Arizona back in 2009 a good idea?

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