Ricardo Marquez, 22, Sentenced to 24 Years for Breaking Into Home, Molesting 4-Year-Old

Ricardo Torres Marquez, the creep who broke into a westside home in 2011 and molested a 4-year-old girl, was sentenced to 24 years in prison today.

He's 22 now. When he gets out, he'll be on lifetime probation.

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Whether that's enough time for this unbelievable assault, you be the judge.

As New Times described in a November 2011 article (above), this was a nightmare scenario for the family.

Marquez snuck into the home near 75th Avenue and McDowell by removing a window screen and unlatching an arcadia door. The perv took off his shorts and donned a condom before going inside.

Wearing nothing but the condom and a T-shirt, he crept into the girl's bedroom and put a hand beneath her diaper to make sure she was female. Then he sexually assaulted her.

But that's not all. Marquez may have figured he was going to pull an Ariel Castro move. After assaulting the girl, he picked her up and tried to take her out the front door. The sound alerted family members, who stopped Marquez from kidnapping the girl and held him until police arrived.

Marquez later pleaded guilty to sexual conduct with a minor and attempt to commit molestation of a child.

He'll be in his mid-40s when he gets out of prison.

Cross your fingers for rehabilitation.