Source: "Crime Sweep" Underway in Chandler by Maricopa County Sheriff's Office



The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is conducting some kind of operation in the east Valley today, though exactly what it is we're not sure.

A source we trust called us this morning to say Sheriff Joe Arpaio's forces were engaged in another immigration/crime sweep in Chandler this morning. When we called Chandler police for confirmation, Sergeant Joe Favazzo tells us the Sheriff's Office advised his department it would be conducting "saturation patrols" in the east Valley cities of Chandler, Gilbert, and Mesa.

We imagine this is another blatant roundup of illegal immigrants, like the ones he's done in Guadalupe (where we took the above picture last year), Mesa, and other Hispanic-rich environments. If so, it would be an in-yer-face move to Homeland Security Secretary and ex-Governor Janet Napolitano, not to mention a hearty kick out the door for Mesa Police Chief (for one more day) George Gascon. Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Lisa Allen couldn't be reached.

Guess we'll find out what Arpaio's plan is by the number of Mexicans he catches today.